Nélida Padilla-García

I was born in a village from the south of Spain not far from Granada, where I moved to study Biology. Then, I pursued my master studies at the University of Salamanca. At that time, I became fascinated about evolution of plants, and I decided to do a double PhD degree at the University of Salamanca and the MNHN in Paris. I am now a postdoc researcher at Charles University in Prague since the start of COVID times.

I am broadly interested in plant evolution. I am particularly interested in the adaptive value of evolutionary processes in natural populations, and their role in speciation. One of my main current projects aims to unravel the evolutionary significance of genomic imprinting itself in A. lyrata and A. arenosa. My other main postdoc project is in collaboration with people from Ecolgen lab (see  https://botany.natur.cuni.cz/ecolgen/). It focuses on the role of interploidy gene flow in plant polyploid complexes.

In parallel with my scientific way, I love being in nature (hiking, skiing or just looking for plants :) Yoga and music help to keep my body and mind healthy.



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