The Loneliness Fighters

Each of our Loneliness Fighters have their own values, reasons to join the Brigade, interests… Which means you can choose the one you would feel most comfortable to talk to. Just pick your choice, the others will not be jealous, we promise! :)

And if you did not “click” with one of us, no worries, we are all humans with our own compatibilities. If so, feel free to try another one among us, we will not be offended, we also promise! :)

Wanna join the Loneliness Fighter Brigade? just drop an email to lafonplc [at]! :)


Why I joined: Early from my childhood, I enjoyed my company at most. So being alone would be the best thing for me.  However, it was and still is painful to leave home. But to follow my dreams, in India, I have to survive for 13 years out of home, and earned experience of three different states. With this confidence, I shifted from India to the Czech Republic, without any fear & preparation.  And here, I learned how circumstances & environment can shift from being alone to lonely. This experience of getting out of my mind motivates me to have hands-on experience in this direction.

My interest: Spirituality, Sports (Volleyball, Badminton, Chess or anything adventures), Nature, Animals & Birds.

To contact me: ash29pathak [at]


Why I joined: I have not lived in my home region since I was 20 (damn, that was 15 years ago!), and I have been an expat for 7 years. Even back in my region, I never felt I belonged. For this reason, I have learned to accept loneliness as a normal part of my life. Until I realized it does not have to be this way. I had the chance to meet people on my journey that made me discover the amazing feeling of “I got your back”. They also accepted me, unconditionally. Since then, I have been trying to convey acceptance to people around me, with no selection of who deserves it and who does not. Because I believe everyone does. And this is the reason why I joined the Loneliness Fighters: help others see that loneliness is not a fatality.

My interests: I am a scientist, so obviously I like science. But I have equal interests in art, especially performing and contemporary arts. What I particularly enjoy in these arts is the absence of compromise, and I find nothing more valuable than seeing the artist makes him/herself completely vulnerable. Otherwise, I am a typical Frenchman: I enjoy the pleasures of senses. Life is too short to waste it on bad wine!

To contact me: lafon [at]


Throughout my life, I’ve always been lucky to be surrounded by very accepting people. However, as I went to university, some of the relationships faded away and I started feeling lonely. I learned that with most of my time spent in the lab, it is harder to form new meaningful connections and all the small talk in the world cannot replace a sincere conversation. Sometimes, one just needs to share his/hers thoughts (and I am a big thinker, so I share a lot!). For me, joining Fighters is an opportunity to provide support to others who found themselves loosing connections, to discuss interesting topics and of course, to meet new people, which is always inspirational!

My interests: As a scientist, I like to explore but I also try to inspire children by science. I appreciate the harmony and dynamics of the world in many different forms, that’s why I like travelling, going to the nature, landscape photography, scuba diving, modern art, slam poetry, scenic dancing and old rock music. I also love to create things in general which involves cooking, sewing, painting or for example repairing old furniture. Finally, I enjoy good books of various genres (from Winnie the Pooh to Márquez) and of course, my friends’ company.

To contact me: petrzilkova.hana [at] / I speak Czech :)


Why I joined: As I spent most of my childhood being voluntarily socially excluded and trapped within various weird hobbies, I totally understand that interacting with others, opening up, and sharing your inner voice can be pretty challenging. I learn to do so with my theatrical experiences, but this is obviously a never-ending process and each of us (especially fake extroverts like me) would totally agree that being social can be from time to time difficult. And it is always easier when you have a safe space to share associated doubts and fears with others. Last but not least I am also a gay guy and would be willing to share all my experience with LGBT bullying, coming out, and related stuff.

My interests: Being a half-time scientist and a half-time theatrical actor conclude pretty much all of my interests and things I like to do. I like creative writing, various crafts (especially but not only theatre design and puppet making), and singing. I am also a secret nerd, who loves trains, Star Wars, Pokemon, and LEGOs.

Contact me: jakub.hojka [at] / I speak Czech :)


Why I joined: A while ago I realized that following the ‘general trend’ is not for me and I was happy to discover that there is a better alternative to see and do things. With some time it is always possible to find people that care about each other and share your interests. I think that improving our emotional education will allow us to develop a better society where everyone is respected and feels integrated. This is why social initiatives that provide a safe space and comfort for everyone can really make a difference. I joined because I am confident that by helping each other we can overcome any problem and I believe that even simple things like the subtlety of a friendly gesture, a sudden smile or just someone that listens to you have great power.

My interests: Like every scientist I am curious about most things. I am always happy to go hiking, camping and even try more adventurous things like kayaking or taking Czech language classes. I also enjoy artistic/creative things such as sketching, drawing or wood carving. Overall I like to share and discover new things.

To contact me: degorosj [at]


I experienced the loneliness of moving to a different country very early in my childhood. Even when I had the support of my parents then, I felt I didn’t belong. But it turned out all right and when time came to move back to my home country, I didn’t want to. And I have often felt lonely in my home country as well, never really feeling I belonged anywhere.  Although loneliness is a natural feeling, it is definitely not comfortable. Having a safe space, or somebody to talk to, can lessen or even eliminate this feeling. And knowing you’re not alone can be uplifting.

In case of interest, I can bring my large and fluffy therapy (not certified!) dog to our meeting.

My interests: I enjoy nature in almost any form, for example hiking and camping, being around dogs and horses, and animal training in general, also gardening. From “civilized” pastimes, I love reading very much!

To contact me: ludmila.brazdilova [at] / I speak Czech :)


I believe that traveling and experiencing living outside the shelter of our affections, makes us grow, and know ourselves in our strengths, but also we can experience loneliness. In every place I was able to work outside of my native Argentina, I was lucky to meet people who made my days, on and off work, more enjoyable. Those people made me feel accompanied even being so far from home and that I had someone to trust when nostalgia and loneliness knocked on my door. I am very grateful for that, and I wish I could help someone in the same way. Because, as they say out there, ‘sorrows, unlike joys, become smaller if they are shared’.

I love meaningful art . I like to sing, to draw, paint using watercolors or oil, etching techniques and pottery. I enjoy simple things like music, a sun bath,  drinking mate with friends in a park, or failing over and over again trying to play a song on a guitar.

Find me at: luciana.salomon [at]


Fighting together against the obstacles of living a life working in academia is not the norm in most places. To put something against this and to support people who struggle in doing what they love (also outside academia) is the reason I joined.

My interest (apart from my work): Nature, riding my bicycle, sewing (the only creativity in my life), social movements and politics. And of course, besides all of that I like socializing and tons of coffee.

To contact me: kandziom [at]


The first time I got out of my comfort zone I was 18. Since then, I have been living in many different cities and different countries. I think I have become a kind of addicted to it (it’s so exciting and enriching :D), but I have also experienced how difficult can be to fit in a new professional environment and then, feeling alone. Why I joined the Loneliness Fighter? The most important thing to enjoy a new life is to meet people to join you on the new adventure and we want to help you with that.

My interests (apart from plants and nature): hiking mountains, playing and listening music, yoga, most sport activities in general, travelling to discover new cultures and of course, spending time with friends.

To contact me: nelidapg [at]


Most things can be solved by a true dialog and the willingness to help. But we usually don’t listen to each other, focus on ourselves, and never have enough time. What for? To build our CV, publish papers, get grants funded, publish more and better papers, get bigger grants funded, … But in order to get more than a glimpse of life, we need to mirror ourselves in others and be serving, without getting abused. We need to connect, without being torn apart.

What inspires me: great landscapes, plants, perennial-gardening, hiking, choir singing, Bruckner symphonies, writing letters, Anton Chekhov

To contact me: roswitha.schmickl [at]


Moving to a new city or country can be quite stressful. Talking about it can help not just us, but others as well upon realizing that we’re not the only ones struggling and the thing that feels overwhelming is actually normal. Sometimes we just need to let out how we’re feeling with no real plan for a solution, however socializing and interacting surely can help us to get through our problems.

My interests (apart from science): Anti-institutional poetry & philosophies (always up for such conversations), and socio-cultural history. I also enjoy doing some string art and embroidery designs. And I love to bake.

To contact me: susnata.1995 [at]