Ömer İltaş

I am a plant molecular biologist, graduated at Gebze Technical University, Turkey in 2019. In my master study, I investigated  growth-related microRNAs roles during maize leaf growth response Pseudomonas putida Kt2440.

After graduation, as highly interest in multidisciplinary life of plant sciences, I decided to turn my focus towards to study on evolution and reproduction of plants. Thus I joined Plant Repro Evo Lab for my PhD studies, where I look forward to working in project that aim to investigate the evolutionary forces that driving genetic and phenotypic variation in sexual traits within several Arabidopsis species.

Aside from my studies, as someone at the same opinion with the quote “We only have as much as we give”, I have been a part of social responsibility projects by working for The Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA) since 2007.


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