Aşkın Nur ÖZKAN

I completed my bachelor’s in molecular biology from Gebze Technical University in 2021, Turkey.

I was accepted to Charles University, Department of Botany as a Master’s student. During my Master’s study, I will be working on hybrid seed lethality in Arabidopsis, Capsella, and Solanum species.

I have been interested in bioinformatics since my bachelor, and I knew that I wanted to be on this side of science. Life in plants got my attention during my senior year, lucky me I had an opportunity to take a class about plants. Then I realized that I had to give myself a chance to learn more about plants. Those ideas took me here now, trying to know more about plants every day. I am not saying it one day I will grow potatoes on Mars but definitely, as a future botanist I will try J

Other than that I have interests in music (playing piano for years), capturing instant moments with my camera, and a bit of painting (but as an amateur). 


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