Luciana Salomon

Born in a small village in the middle of las Pampas in Buenos Aires province, Argentina, I have been in continuous movement, from my hometown to big cities to study Botany and work. After finishing my Ph.D. at Darwinion Institute in taxonomy and phylogenetics of the sunflower family genus‘ Senecio, I spend some time at the Smithsonian Institution and Kew Gardens before moving to Prague to work with the same plants, but to learn a new way to work in general. Learning new methods, but also working in a very international environment where the expertise of different people around the world makes teamwork and discussion very enriching.

After two years here, now I am applying what I have learned in pollen studies for Senecio to some members of the Brassicaceae family. I am searching whether exist or not morphological and structural differences in pollen grains between selfers and outcrossers in Arabidopsis and Capsella species. To meet this goal, I am using optic and electronic microscopy and also I will dig deeply to learn and perform proteomics analyzes of the most external and intriguing layer of the pollen grains, the pollen coat.

My life beyond science has many artistic and creative components as I enjoy doing pottery, drawing, painting with watercolors, playing guitar, singing, and also taking care of my dog and the indoor jungle at home.


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