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If you want to join the lab for your undergraduate/graduate studies, a Ph.D. or postdoc position, feel free to send an email to roswitha.schmickl [a] I will be happy to discuss and find solutions for this to happen.


A master’s thesis project is available!

Title of the thesis: Evolution of the high Andean genus Loricaria (Asteraceae)

Starting date: October 2021

Project summary: The tropical high Andes, one of the fastest evolving biodiversity hotspots, are known for extreme habitats, unique climatic conditions, and spectacular evolutionary radiations. Diversification of lineages in these heterogeneous landscapes is triggered by various effects and differs between lineages.

This master’s project will concentrate on the high Andean genus Loricaria, using state-of-the-art methods in genomics and ecological modeling. Is diversification in Loricaria related to climatic changes in the past? Is speciation driven by valleys that act as barriers or by climatic niche differentiation?

Tasks will include wet-lab work, phylogenomics, and climatic modeling.

Requirements: You should bring a strong interest in evolution. No bioinformatic knowledge is required, but depending on interest can be learned. Good communication skills are needed for this position, as you will become part of an international team.

Why you should join us: We offer a creative and supportive scientific atmosphere, which will give you the opportunity to develop your scientific career.

Questions and applications (CV, including an outline of relevant courses + half-page motivation letter) should be sent to Roswitha Schmickl (roswitha.schmickl [a] or Martha Kandziora (kandziom [a] Please send your application until 30th April 2021.