Current team

by order of arrival


Clément Lafon Placette


Principal Investigator

Ömer İltaş

PhD student

Mohammad Javad Haghighatnia

PhD student

Susnata Salony

PhD student

Nélida Padilla-García

Postdoc researcher

Adéla Přibylová

Researcher, technical & administrative helper

Vojtěch Čermák

Researcher & technical helper

Audrey Le Veve

Postdoc researcher

Luciana Salomon

Postdoc researcher

Aşkın Nur ÖZKAN

Master student



Gianluca Chimetto, PhD student. Now a teacher in the Ministry of Education (Italy).
Anthony Venon, Master student (summer internship). He now defended his Master thesis in Amandine Cornille’s team, GQE-Le Moulon (Paris), and is working there.

Ashish Kumar Pathak, postdoc researcher. He is now a researcher in India.



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