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Plant & Fungal Evo Biogeo

We focus on the reconstruction of evolutionary and biogeographic histories of vascular plants and fungi and factors triggering their diversification and speciation.  

Plant Evo CytoGen           

The impact of whole genome duplication, hybridization and cytogenomic processes in macro- and microevolution is the research focus of Roswitha Schmickl’s lab.


Plant Repro Evo                

We are interested in the evolutionary processes shaping pre-mating interactions and endosperm development, from sexual selection and conflict, to hybridization barriers.

Welcome to the Lab AlliEnce! It regroups three research teams: Clément Lafon Placette’s, Roswitha Schmickl’s and Marek Slovak’s. The Lab AlliEnce works as a community lab, which brings advantages that cannot always be achieved in independent labs. Mainly, in science, we are constantly exposed to different points of view, and to consider these and integrate them into one’s way of thinking requires practice. The Lab AlliEnce is a training platform where such practice relies on the daily exposure to alternative or contrasting viewpoints, fueled by our different backgrounds and scientific fields, and by open discussions in an environment of friendship.

A fruit of such an environment is a charter centered around the values we believe in, the problems we see in current scientific research, and future challenges we need to address. Have a look at Charter 19, and maybe sign it!


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